Wards of Court - Form to accompany all High Court Wardship Petitions and Applications

Practice Direction HC 102
Ward of Courts

I, Mary Irvine, President of the High Court, hereby issue the following practice direction in accordance with s.11 (12) of the Civil Law and Criminal Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2020. This Practice Direction, which concerns the Form to accompany all High Court Wardship Petitions and Applications (Form WOC1), will come into force on 11th January 2021

  1. Form WOC1 (as per the appendix hereto) must be completed in all applications or proceedings of any nature in the wardship list.
  2. The Form is available on the Courts.ie website and should be filled in electronically in Microsoft Word, following the formatting and layout prescribed in the Form.
  3. Where a Form has been completed and then in respect of subsequent applications, the Form should be updated with any relevant information and clearly marked with the date of the update.
  4. Two clear days prior to the date allocated for hearing, a booklet for hearing must be lodged with the Court electronically and in paper form.
  5. The documentation in the booklet for hearing must appear in the following order:
  1. Form WOC1.
  2. The document detailing the application i.e. the ex parte docket/Notice of Motion/Petition, as appropriate.
  3. The grounding affidavit and exhibits behind.
  4. Any proposed draft Order.
  5. Other relevant affidavits.
  6. Affidavit of service where the matter is listed for inquiry.
  7. The most recent Order made in the proceedings and any other relevant orders as required by Form WOC1.
  1. This Practice Direction will remain in force until further notice.


Mary Irvine
President of the High Court
Date: 4th December 2020

Appendix:  Form WOC1

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