Our Customer Service promise

Should your query relate to a court case you should contact the relevant court office.  A comprehensive list of Court Offices nationwide can be found here.

Data Protection

We (the Courts Service) are collecting your personal information for managing your complaint in accordance with our Customer Service Charters and Policy on Management of Unacceptable Actions.

Your personal information will be handled in accordance with our obligations set out in our Privacy Statement.

Compliments, Comments and Complaints

We want to hear your feedback – good or bad – to help us ensure we are delivering a quality service to our users.


To inform us about something we have done well, you can submit a compliment by:


The Courts Service makes every effort to ensure that the services we provide to our customers fully meet their needs and expectations and are delivered in a friendly, courteous and efficient manner.

However, on occasion the service provided may fall short of what you consider to be acceptable.

If you are not satisfied with the service received from the Courts Service, you should make your complaint as soon as possible by contacting the office manager of the relevant Courts Service Office. Where possible, he or she will try to rectify the situation without delay.

If you do not obtain a satisfactory result, or if for any reason you would prefer not to complain at the time, please complete the online form.

All complaints will be dealt with promptly and in an objective and courteous manner.

Alternatively, you may write to: 

Customer Comments Co-ordination Office
The Courts Service
6th Floor
15/24 Phoenix Street North
Dublin 7

Courts Service commitments when dealing with formal complaints

We will resolve complaints, where possible, at the first instance.

We will acknowledge all complaints within 3 working days setting out the name and contact details of the officer investigating your complaint.

We will investigate all complaints and issue a reply to your complaint within 15 working days or, where this is not possible an interim reply will issue explaining the position and advising when a substantive response will issue.

The Courts Service will review complaints to identify any improvements that are needed in the overall service provided.

All complaints will be treated promptly, fairly, impartially and in confidence.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint

If, after receiving a decision on your complaint you feel the matter, has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you still have the right of appeal to the Office of the Ombudsman at;

Office of the Ombudsman
6 Earlsfort Terrace
Dublin 2
D02 W773

Tel:  (01) 6395600

Complaints Email:  complaints@ombudsman.ie
Website: https://www.ombudsman.ie/

What is not covered by the complaints procedure

Under the Constitution, judges are independent in the exercise of their judicial functions.

The conduct of a court case or decision made is a matter entirely for the judge and it is not open to the Courts Service to comment or intervene in any way in such matters.

Any decision, finding, judgement or ruling of the courts can only be addressed through the courts.

Quasi-judicial decisions made by officers of the court can only be appealed to the court. These would include decisions of County Registrars including their role as Under-Sheriffs, the Master of the High Court, the Legal Cost Adjudicators and other officers of the High Court exercising quasi-judicial functions. These officers are independent in the exercise of their quasi-judicial functions.

Complaints about legal professionals or other bodies must be addressed to the appropriate organisation.

Complaints under the Disability Act 2005

Complaints under the Disability Act 2005


A person may make a complaint to us if they feel we have not complied with Sections 25 to 28 of the Disability Act 2005, which relates to access to buildings, services and information provided by us.  

Who can make a complaint?

You, or a person on your behalf, can make a complaint. The persons who can make a complaint on your behalf are as follows:

  • A spouse, partner, parent or relative
  • A guardian or person acting in loco parentis to that person
  • A legal representative
  • An advocate acting on your behalf, with your consent

How to make a complaint?

You can make a complaint by writing to us and letting us know it is a complaint under Section 38 of the Disability Act 2005   (All other complaints should be directed to the Customer Comments Coordination Office.)

To assist us investigate your complaint you should give us the following information:

Your name, address , contact number and email address

Whether you were trying to access

  • Information
  • A service
  • A public building

The details of the complaint regarding the failure by us to provide access under Sections 25 to 28 of the Act

Where to send a complaint?

You should send your written complaint by post, hand, or email to the addresses below

 By email:

OfficeoftheCEO@courts.ie with the subject line “Section 38 Disability Act 2005 Complaint"

By post or hand:

Section 38 Disability Act 2005 Complaint
Office of the CEO
Phoenix House
15-24 Phoenix St Nth
Dublin 7

What happens when a complaint is made?

We have an Inquiry Officer who will investigate complaints made under the Disability Act 2005.

  • The Inquiry Officer will acknowledge receipt of your complaint no later than 5 working days after it is received.
  • The Inquiry Officers will produce a report which will set out:
    • if your complaint is valid
    • whether there has been a failure by the Courts Service to comply with the relevant provisions of the Disability Act


  • where a failure has happened, it will outline the steps to be taken to rectify this
  • Where the Inquiry Officer believes that a complaint is not valid, they will notify you,  or the person making the complaint on your behalf, and the Chief Executive Officer of this decision.

Inquiry Officers response and report

The Inquiry Officer will

  • reply within 21 working days. If it is not possible to reply within 21 working days, they will contact you or the person making the complaint on your behalf and let you know the report will be available
  • prepare a written report of the result of the investigation, setting out their findings. They will also set out whether there has been a failure by us to comply with the Disability Act
  • if there has been a failure, outline the steps required to correct the situation  
  • send a copy of the report to you and to the Chief Executive Officer
  • advise you of the right to appeal to the Office of the Ombudsman

Office of the Ombudsman
18 Lower Leeson St
Dublin 2

JAM Card

JAM Card

What is a JAM Card?

A JAM Card allows people with a learning difficulty, autism or any communication barrier to tell others that they need 'Just A Minute' discreetly and easily. To learn more click here