Courts Service Online (CSOL) is a portal for making online applications.  It is a safe, secure system that can be accessed anytime

1. General

1.1 Access to the Courts Service Online System (CSOL) and use of information contained therein is governed by the terms, conditions and notices set out below. Any person or persons authorised to access CSOL in accordance with these Terms and Conditions ('User' or 'Users', respectively) is deemed to have read and accepted these terms, conditions and notices.

CSOL and the CSOL website ('') is owned by the Courts Service, and is operated for and on behalf of the Courts Service and any court office, the business of which is authorised to be transacted by means of CSOL.

1.2 CSOL is established in Ireland in accordance with and subject to the laws of Ireland. Without prejudice to section 4 of these Terms and Conditions, the Courts of Ireland shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any disputes which may arise in relation to the website, its uses or any information contained therein and Users in applying for access to CSOL agree to allow such dispute to be heard in the Irish courts.

1.3 In order to use CSOL the User must open and maintain an account with the Courts Service. Access to CSOL is available only to:

a) a user to whom a username and password has been issued by the Courts Service and 

b) personnel employed by the user specifically authorised by the user to access CSOL ('authorised personnel')

1.4 Users must ensure that their account particulars, username and password are not disclosed to any other person or party and are responsible for ensuring that access through the user’s account is conducted only by authorised personnel.

1.5 Users and their authorised personnel may not use the website in any manner which could damage, disable or impair the services provided through the website or interfere with any other party's use of those services. In applying for access to CSOL, users thereby

a) undertake to ensure that harmful, deleterious or offensive material does not enter CSOL or the information system of the Courts Service or any other user through any act or omission of the user or the user’s authorised personnel

b) accept liability for the acts or omissions of their authorised personnel when using CSOL.

1.6 may, now or in the future, provide links to other websites or resources. These links are provided solely as a convenience to the user of this site and not as an endorsement of the contents of such third-party sites. Additionally, no responsibility shall arise in respect of the availability of such external sites or resources, or for any content, products, services or other materials on or available from such sites or resources. Access from this site to third-party sites is undertaken entirely at the user's own risk. Any issues regarding external links should be directed to the administrator or webmaster of that third party site.

1.7 The Courts Service will, subject to any existing contractual agreements, retain all rights (including but not limited to copyrights, patents, trade secrets and any other intellectual property rights) in all versions of CSOL and

1.8 In the event of a user transmitting material to the Courts Service and/or a court office and/or a court, the Courts Service has no responsibility for the accuracy, veracity and completeness of same and for any errors in the manner of its input.

1.9 The Courts Service reserves the right to add, amend or vary these terms and conditions by publishing notice of such changes on its website and the continued use of the service will signify the user’s acceptance of the changes.

1.10 It is the responsibility of users, at their own expense, to provide, maintain and upgrade the computer hardware and software and facilities which they need to gain access to CSOL.

2. System Administration within Solicitor Firms.

2.1 As a condition of being permitted access to CSOL, the Managing Partner/Principal Solicitor/Compliance Partner of the user or such nominee as authorised by one of the foregoing shall personally nominate/authorise:

a) a system administrator within the solicitor firm (hereinafter, 'the administrator') and

b) each of the authorised personnel and their access roles within the solicitor firm

2.2 The administrator referred to at 2.1 above will be responsible for the set up of additional authorised personnel.

2.3 The administrator referred to at 2.1 above will be wholly responsible for the immediate disabling of CSOL user accounts under their remit who no longer require access.

3. Electronic Payments and Searches

3.1 The Managing Partner/Principal Solicitor/Compliance Partner of the user accepts responsibility for the making and clearance of all electronic payments made by the user whether authorised personally or by other personnel of the user.

3.2 Where searches of the eLicensing Register on CSOL are being made, users employing the search facility must satisfy themselves that they have correctly identified the premises of interest before making an electronic payment. Requests for refund of the appropriate court fee will not be entertained where an electronic search for a premises has been made

4. Disclaimer:

4.1 Reasonable care has been exercised in the compilation of the information and data available through CSOL. Apart from matters which are required by statute to be the subject of an entry in the Register of Licences as provided for in section16 of the Licensing (Ireland) Act 1874 or an entry in the Register of Clubs as provided for in section 1 of the Registration of Clubs (Ireland) Act 1904 and subject to paragraphs 4.2 and 4.3 below no representation or warranty is made or given as to the accuracy, completeness or currency of the data or information available on CSOL. The use of any such information, which may be altered or updated at any time without notice is at the sole risk of the user.

4.2 Persons accessing the Register of Licences or Register of Clubs through CSOL or should be aware that the information is current in respect of each premises at the close of business on the previous working day. However further updates may be pending in relation to court hearings related to the premises since the premises data was last updated.

4.3 No representation or warranty is made or given that access to CSOL will be uninterrupted or error free, and the Courts Service and the court office concerned accept no liability for any damage or loss suffered by a user, client of a user or any other person arising from any interruption in service or error in delivery of service.

4.4 The Courts Service reserves the right to alter the terms, conditions and notices under which the services available through CSOL are offered. Users are responsible for regularly reviewing the terms, conditions and notices posted on this website.

4.5 The Courts Service reserves the right to make changes to type information, design and services provided through CSOL without notice and without liability. Every effort will be made to advise of changes in advance.