Personal injury actions at country venues

In an effort to provide speedy hearings for short cases (a duration of one day or less) involving an assessment of damages only, the following provisions shall apply:

(1) Such cases will, on the application of the plaintiff, be listed for trial on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the last week of each sittings.

(2) Applications may be made in respect of any such case which has been set down for trial regardless of whether or not it has appeared in the published list.

(3) Applications for such listing must be made to the presiding judge at the call-over in Dublin which precedes the hearings in each country venue.

(4) This direction shall take effect in respect of all trials at country venues from Easter Term 1998 onwards.

Signed: Frederick Morris,
President of the High Court.

Dated: 23rd February, 1998.

High court