E-filing of Application for Legal Costs Adjudication to the High Court

  • Online filing of Notice of Application for Adjudication of costs
  • Online payment of fees
    • Adjudication Application fee
    • Court duty at conclusion of adjudication process
  • Case Tracking
  • Online searchable register of Determinations
  • Greater accuracy in the collection of statistics
  • More transparency in area of Legal Costs for Practitioners and public
  • Greater certainty for all parties in relation to how costs are determined
  • Timely empirical data of decisions and determinations
  • Reasons for determinations.

The registration process is a three-stage process.

N.B. Google Chrome web browser must be used to enter data and access information on CSOL.

Stage 1 - Create Account

The first stage is the creation of an account by entering data electronically on www.csol.ie

The following data is required to be entered.

  • Account Type (Choose 'Legal Costs Accountant' or 'Legal Firm Account')
  • First Name
  • Last Name (This should be the contact person designated by the firm or office in respect of CSOL. 'Administrator')
  • Email address
  • Name of Firm or Office (Some of this information is pre-populated from a database which is provided by the ILCA or by the Law Society)
  • Direct Debit Mandate Details – Account Name, IBAN and BIC

Stage 2 - Manual documentation for registration

The legal costs accountant or legal practitioners firm/office administrator downloads from CSOL documents that are required for registration.

These documents should then be completed in hard copy along with other supporting documentation, as set out in CSOL, and returned to;

Central Application Support Unit,
Courts Service,
Circuit and District Court Operations
Phoenix House,
Dublin 7

Stage 3 - Activate Firm/Office Account.

When the manual documentation is received by the Courts Service an email with an activation link issues to the email address provided.

The administrator in the firm/office follows the instructions in the email and activates a firm/office account on CSOL.

The administrator can now access CSOL and register additional users from the firm on CSOL.

Support for registration or for general use of CSOL is available by emailing casu@courts.ie

Online guides are available at the following links:

Legal Practitioners Registration process
Legal Costs Accountant Registration process
Creating and managing additional user accounts for your firm
Activating user accounts on CSOL

Please note this is a pilot project initially available to legal practitioners and legal costs accountants.





See Section 5 of the CSOL System User Manual for step by step instructions on how to complete an online application.

Step 1. Apply for a CSOL account

Step 2. Login to CSOL and complete Legal Costs Adjudication Application

( Please see CSOL System User Manual for Legal Practitioners and Legal Costs Accountants)

Step 3. Lodge all prerequisite documentation with the Office of the Legal Costs Adjudicators (OLCA)

Step 4. Hearing or Return date is given by the OLCA

Step 5. Case adjudicated and allowed costs determined

Step 6. Legal Costs Adjudicators amendments to the Bill of Costs entered on CSOL by the OLCA

Step 7. Revised Amount agreed by OLCA and Legal Costs Accountant / Solicitor

Step 8. Draft Certificate of Determination prepared by Legal Costs Accountant / Solicitor and sent into the OLCA.

Step 9. Draft Certificate checked by the OLCA and agreed with the Legal Costs Accountant / Solicitor

Step 10. Affidavit of TOTs completed and signed

Step 11. Court Duty Paid.

Step 12. Certificate of Determination completed signed and issued.

Step 13. OLCA updates and completes Legal Costs Adjudicators Register of Determinations

Support for registration or for general use of CSOL is available by emailing casu@courts.ie

Support for E-filing of an Application for Adjudication of Legal Costs is available by emailing the Office of the Legal Costs Adjudicators at  info_legalcostsadjudicators@courts.ie

Click here to view – Frequently Asked Questions about E-filing of Applications for Legal Costs Adjudication.