Requirements for the Family Law Office

Dublin District Court Family Law Office (Dolphin House)


Cork Court Office (Washington Street)


Limerick Court Office (Merchant’s Quay)


Bray Court Office (Civic Centre, Main Street)


Clonmel Court Office (Courthouse, Nelson Street)


Please attend at your appointment time, and ensure you have all relevant documents before attending (see below), to progress your business as quickly as possible.


If you require an urgent order under the Domestic Violence Act you DO NOT need to make an appointment and can attend at the relevant office in person, Monday to Friday (except for Bank Holidays).


Please note: You must be residing in the county where you make the Domestic Violence Act application. Find us here.


Access to this service:

  • You or the other person must be ordinarily residing or carrying out business/profession in the County in order to apply through the relevant Court Service Office.
  • If you have Family Law proceedings in any other Court, you cannot make any other applications in a different Court Service Office (with the exception of domestic violence).
  • If you currently have proceedings in the Family Law Courts, please ensure that you bring your Case Reference number to your appointment.


To ensure your appointment can proceed, you should bring a number of documents with you, including:

  • A valid form of ID, such as a Passport or Driving Licence.
  • For every application you make you must have the address where the other party currently resides and complete a Confirmation of Address Form.
  • You must have the full names and dates of birth of all children involved in your application and the address they are living at.


For Custody, Access, and Guardianship Applications:


For fathers applying for guardianship where the mother has been previously married:

For this appointment type, please bring the following three forms with you:


For Maintenance Applications:

  • For Maintenance applications, you will be required to complete the Statement of Means before your Court appearance.
  • For Arrears of Maintenance applications, please complete a Statement of Arrears Form before attending your appointment.



Requirements for the Central Office of the High Court

If you wish to discuss an existing proceeding, please ensure that you bring the following to your appointment:


  • Your Case Reference number
  • A valid form of ID, such as Passport or Driving Licence


For urgent matters, where it is not possible to book online, please email to make an appointment.



Requirements for the Supreme Court Office

Please ensure that all relevant documents are signed, dated, and comply with the requirements of the Practice Direction SC 19, where applicable, before attending the office.

For urgent matters, where it is not possible to book online, please email to make an appointment.



Requirements for the Dublin Civil Combined Offices

Please attend your appointment on time and ensure you have all relevant documentation/information ready.


If you wish to discuss existing proceedings for which you are a party, please ensure you know your case record number and have a valid form of photo ID.


If you are lodging documents, please ensure you have an original and at least 1 photocopy of each document or the staff will not be able to proceed with your appointment.


Please also ensure that all relevant Stamp Duty is affixed to your papers in advance of your appointment, or the staff cannot process your documents.


Office Contact Numbers:

Judgments Office - 01 8886879


Licensing & Small Claims Office:

01 888 6381 (Licensing)

01 888 6940 (Small Claims)


Circuit & District Office:

01 9456809 (District)

01 9456810 (Circuit)


Email Addresses for each section:

District & Circuit Civil Office -

District & Circuit Licensing Office -

District Small Claims Office -

Judgments Office -