Order 36

Costs And Witnesses' Expenses

Costs in summary cases

1.[1] Where the Court makes an order in any case of summary jurisdiction (including an order to “strike out” for want of jurisdiction) it may make an order in accordance with law ordering any party to the proceedings to pay to the other party such costs and witnesses’ expenses as it shall think fit to award.

Costs of adjournment

2. On the adjournment of any proceedings the Court may order that a party shall pay any costs and witnesses' expenses incurred on such adjournment independently of any order otherwise made in the case.

Expenses, manner payable

3. Any witnesses' expenses ordered to be paid shall be payable in such manner and to such person as the Court shall direct.

Enforcement of order

4. Where there is no provision in these Rules for the enforcement of an order awarding costs or witnesses' expenses, such costs or expenses may be recovered by warrant of distress.

[1]     Order 36 rule 1 substituted by SI 496 of 2020, effective 10 November 2020.