Order 81

Annual licensing court

1. A Judge of the District Court shall hold a court, to be known as the Annual Licensing Court, in each court area in the Judge's district on the day of the last sitting of the Court for that court area for the transaction of the business of the Court exercising its summary jurisdiction held in the month of September each year.

2. Every such Annual Licensing Court shall hear and determine 

— all such applications made to it for certificates, licenses, orders, or renewals thereof, and objections to the grant or renewal of such certificates, licences or orders, as are provided for in Orders 63 to 89 of these Rules and are required to be made at the Annual Licensing Court;

— any other application, objection or other matter which is required by statute or by Rules of Court to be made or brought at that court;

and the Judge may adjourn any such court from time to time as circumstances may deem it necessary.

3. For the purposes of this Order the day of the last sitting of the Court in the month of September in the Dublin Metropolitan District shall be that sitting held on the last Thursday in that month each year.