There is no fee for making a request under the Freedom of Information Act. However fees do apply for internal reviews in cases where you are seeking non-personal information. Fees may be charged for the cost of photocopying. There are also charges for the search and retrieval of other information.

Explanation of fees

Explanation of fees


Type of Request/Application

Standard Fee

Reduced Fee

Request for a Record - Initial Request

No Charge

No Charge

Request for a Record - Internal Review



Request for a Record - Review by Commissioner




The reduced fee applies if you are the holder of a medical card or dependant on a holder of a medical card.

While there is no fee for making an initial FOI request, in some circumstances, fees are charged under the FOI Act 2014. The fee for an internal review is €30 (or €10 for medical card holders). If there is a fee, you can pay by cheque, bank draft or postal order.

Fees for information falling under the FOI Act may be charged in accordance with S.I. No. 531 of 2014 - Freedom of Information Act 2014 (Fees)(No. 2) Regulations 2014.

Charges of €20 per hour may be applied for the time spent finding and retrieving records. You may also be charged for any copying costs incurred in providing you with the material requested. There is a minimum threshold of €101 below which no search, retrieval and copying charges will be charged. Once the charge reaches the €101 full fees apply. There is a maximum amount that can be charged under the Regulations and it is set at €500. A further upper ceiling limit on an estimated search, retrieval and copying fees is set at €700, and with any figure above this, a body can refuse to process a request unless the requester is prepared to redefine the request to one below the limit.

In cases where search and retrieval fees apply, we are obliged to charge a deposit of at least 20% of the estimate to the requester.

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