Order 44


1. Where a bond or recognizance is required from any person the Judge may authorise the acceptance of an instrument executed by any solvent person or corporation (including an Insurance Company) approved by him. Every such bond or recognizance shall recite that the person or corporation executing the same is bound or indebted, as the case may be, to the Judge for the time being within whose Circuit the proceedings are.

2. Every bond or recognizance shall be executed in the presence of the Judge, or the County Registrar, or a Commissioner to administer oaths for the High Court, or where the person entering into such bond or recognizance resides outside Ireland, or is for the time being thereout, before any person duly authorised to administer oaths where such person ordinarily resides or is.

3. It shall not be necessary to enrol any bond or recognizance, but the same shall be filed in the Office, and may subsequently be assigned or otherwise dealt with by the Judge as may be just.

4. All sureties shall make an affidavit of their sufficiency unless the Judge shall dispense with such affidavit.

5. Neither the County Registrar nor any Officer attached to the Court shall become surety in any case where by the practice of the Court security is required.