Order 9

Joinder of Claims



  1. Save as in the next succeeding Rule provided, two or more claims may be made in one originating document, either alternatively or otherwise, so long as the claims are not mutually inconsistent or based on inconsistent allegations of fact, but, if it appears to the Judge that claims joined in any action or matter cannot be conveniently tried together, he may order separate trials or may exclude any claim, and may order the record to be amended accordingly, and may make such order as to costs as may seem just.
  2. No claim may be joined with one for the recovery of land except in respect of mesne profits or arrears of rent, or double rent in connection therewith, or any part thereof, and damages for breach of any contract under which the land, or any part thereof, is held, or for any wrong or injury to the said land, or any part thereof. An action for redemption, and a motion for delivery by a defendant of possession of mortgaged property therein, shall not be deemed a claim for the recovery of land within the meaning of this Rule.