There are various reasons why it might be necessary to bring an application to have a Minor taken into wardship.

The most common scenario is when a Minor has received a personal injuries award from a Court. In some circumstances the funds are held in Court until they reach the age of eighteen.

However, in cases where sums are awarded for the care and benefit of the Minor and the parents or guardians need to access those funds the Minor is brought in to wardship.

Proceedings to make a Minor a ward of Court shall be commenced by Originating Summons as set out in Form No. 19 in Appendix K which shall be issued out of the Office of Wards of Court.

When a Minor reaches the age of eighteen a Courts Medical Visitor may be requested to carry out an examination and submit a report to the Court. It may then be necessary to proceed to have them taken into adult wardship.

Please see Order 65 Rules of the Superior Courts for further information.

View a document outlining the court procedure for minors.