Order 60A

Right of Attorney General and Human Rights Commission to Notice of Proceedings involving Declaration of Incompatibility Issue


1. In this Order “declaration of incompatibility” has the meaning it has in section 1(1) of the European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003 (No 20 of 2003).

2. If any issue as to the making of a declaration of incompatibility shall arise in any proceedings, the party having carriage of the proceedings shall forthwith serve notice upon the Attorney General and the Human Rights Commission.

3. Such notice shall state concisely the nature of the proceedings in which the issue arises and the contention or respective contentions of the party or parties to the proceedings.


[1]     Order 60A inserted by SI 211 of 2004, effective 7 April 2004. Notice of the making of SI 211 of 2004 was published in Iris Oifigiúil of 27 January 2006, which states that the SI came into effect on 7 May 2004.  This is incorrect.  The explanatory note to SI 211 of 2004 states that it amends Order 27.  This is also incorrect, probably taken from the explanatory note to SI 63 of 2004.