Non-Jury and Chancery actions can be heard in Cork. To have a case included in this list an application can be made to the Registrar in charge of the Non-Jury or Chancery list where the parties are consenting to the transfer of the case. Where consent is not forthcoming, an application should be made on any Thursday morning in the relevant list on notice to the other side. Practitioners should note that cases longer than 3 days are not suitable for inclusion in this list.

Personal injury, with the exception of medical negligence and bullying and harassment cases, may be heard in Dublin, Dundalk, Waterford, Kilkenny  Cork, Limerick, Galway, or Sligo where the Plaintiff resides or where the accident/injury occurred.

 Appeals from the Circuit Court to the High Court are also heard by High Court Judges at venues outside Dublin. For these Circuit Appeals, administrative support is provided by the relevant Circuit Court office and not by a Registrar from the High Court.