The Courts Service is now a JAM Card Friendly Organisation 

Where can I get a JAM Card?

Smartphone users can download the JAM Card app which allows users to select different screen display options including ‘I have autism’, ‘I have a condition’ and ‘I have a brain injury’.

JAM cards are also available at Public Offices across the Court Service, at the Dublin Coroners Court and at two pilot locations (Midlands Prison and Castlerea Prison) across the Irish Prison Service into the future.

This was a collaborative project with the Courts Service, the Dublin Coroners Court and the Irish Prison Service and funded through the Public Service Innovation Fund 2021. This project is an example of a citizen-centric innovation that will enhance the overall citizen’s experience to public services.

Further information on JAM Cards and NOW Group:
NOW Group website
JAM Card website

To request a JAM card

JAM Card

JAM Card

What is a JAM Card?

A JAM Card allows people with a learning difficulty, autism or any communication barrier to tell others that they need 'Just A Minute' discreetly and easily. Those with a communication barrier are often reluctant, or unable, to tell others that they need more patience and space in a given situation. JAM Card allows this to happen in a simple, effective non-verbal manner.