Our Mission

The Office’s Mission is to enable access to independent, impartial and objective resolution of legal costs disputes. Through the provision of a courteous and professional service in the performance of its statutory function. To maintain and provide transparency throughout the process from inception to completion, with reasoned outcomes being published, in so far as is permitted by the law, and accessible via the register of determinations, so as to inform both legal practitioners and the public. It is our mission to provide this service in a timely manner, providing and supporting access to justice.

In support of this mission, the Office pursues two strategic goals:

Supporting the Legal Costs Adjudicators

Supporting the Chief Legal Costs Adjudicator and the Legal Costs Adjudicators is a statutory obligation of the Courts Service and by extension the Office and is central to our mission. As well as being a key strategic priority in its own right, it is also key to the achievement of all our strategic priorities.

• Providing High Quality Service to Court Users

A core part of our mission is the provision of a consistent, impartial, timely and excellent service to court users, consistent with the limitation of the Office’s statutory remit.

Our Vision

Over time, as the number of adjudications are completed and the register of determinations is updated, a body of information will be publicly available to inform the public and practitioners of the range of legal costs, the manner in which they are determined and the reasons underlying the determination.

Our Values

We are committed in performing our functions and fulfilling our responsibilities, to independence, fairness, integrity, professionalism, innovation and accountability. Our strengths derive from the expertise of the staff within the office. With a commitment to improving services, adapting innovative processes and adherence to best practices and developing strategies for improvement.

How to make or take up a lodgement in relation to the Adjudication of Legal Costs.

The Rules of the Superior Courts (Costs) Rules 2019, make provision in Part XII of Order 99 for the making of a lodgment or a tender in satisfaction of costs.
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