Once submissions are filed the appeal can be entered into the next available List to Fix Dates to be assigned a hearing date.



Five hard copies of the submission must be filed with the Court of Appeal Office.

The Submissions must be:

  1. paginated,
  2. recite the correct title for the case,
  3. recite the correct Bill Number and Appeal Reference,
  4. be titled 'Submissions',
  5. if drafted by counsel, conclude with their names.

A copy must also be served on the DPP.

Soft copy of the submissions, in Word format, must also be emailed to the court office at: 

The Grounds relied on in the Submissions must be the same as those referred to in the Notice of Appeal, unless the Court has granted leave for additional/amended grounds.

Where an appeal extends to sentence as well as conviction practitioners are requested to ensure that the submissions deal with both aspects of the appeal. With effect from Easter term 2018 the court has endeavoured, as far as practicable, to hear the sentence appeal on the same day as the conviction appeal.

Appeals are entered in the List to Fix Dates on receipt of the submissions of the moving party. The List to Fix Dates is held on a Monday, once in each legal term. For administrative reasons the List closes on the preceding Wednesday at 1pm. 

Replying Submissions:
As a matter of practice the court requires that the replying submission of the respondent to an appeal be filed and served no later than two weeks before the hearing date allocated.