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In Court

In Court

1. Case Management list.
The Case Management List is held during term in Court 16, Criminal Courts of Justice (CCJ).  It is a brief hearing to hear motions and applications to the court. 

2. Legal Aid in Chambers.
Legal Aid in Chambers occurs periodically on Fridays before Case management in Court 16, Criminal Courts of Justice (CCJ).  Applications for Legal aid are listed in chambers where Legal aid was granted in the Trial court and the solicitors on record are the same as those in the trial.  Applications are considered by the President of the Court in Chambers and there is no requirement to attend.  Parties are notified of the result by the Court Office.

3. List to Fix Dates.
The List to Fix Dates is held once per Legal Term. Matters are listed in the List to Fix Dates once they are ready to be listed for hearing. Appeals are entered in the List to Fix Dates on receipt of the submissions of the moving party. The List of such cases will be published in the Legal Diary in due course and cases will be added to the List as submissions of the moving party are filed. For administrative reasons the List closes on the preceding Wednesday at 1pm.

4. Callover.
Unless otherwise noted on the Legal Diary, the callover for cases listed for hearing on any given day, takes place at 10:30am.

5. Hearing of the appeal.
The court hears appeals every day during the court term. Each appeal is heard by three judges. They read the papers and submissions in advance of the hearing.  The parties then make oral submissions to the court by reference to those papers and submissions. At the conclusion of the hearing, the judges will either deliver judgment then (known as an ‘ex tempore’ judgment) or deliver judgment at a later date (known as a ‘reserved judgment’).  Where a judgment is reserved the Court of Appeal Office will notify the parties in due course of the date the judges will deliver judgment.