Requesting & filing further documents that may be required for an Appeal.

Books of Authorities

Books of Authorities

Four copies of the Book of Authorities of the moving party should be lodged no later than two weeks before the hearing date and a copy of the index furnished to the solicitors for the respondent. Four copies of a Book of any authorities not included in the moving party's Book and intended to be relied on by the respondent are to be lodged no later than one week before the hearing date and a copy of the index furnished to the solicitors for the moving party.  Authorities should be agreed upon between the parties.

Practitioners are reminded that the Court is very familiar with the leading cases on principles of sentencing and there is no need to include such cases in the Books of Authorities - a reference in the submissions to any such case and, if deemed necessary by counsel, a short extract setting out the principles concerned, will for the most part suffice.

Books of Authorities must be:

  1. Bound,
  2. paginated
  3. include a Table of Contents and
  4. correctly recite case title and court of appeal reference.

Exhibits, Reports & Testimonials

Exhibits, Reports & Testimonials

Documentary exhibits:

Relevant documentary exhibits are to be lodged by the solicitors for the moving party no later than one week before the hearing of the appeal.

Reports & Testimonials for hearing date:

Practitioners will be aware of the contents of the Practice Direction CA02 dealing with reports & testimonials in sentence appeals and undue leniency applications. Please note in particular, the difference in procedure for pre and post-trial materials, which necessitates that they be filed in separate booklets.

Governor's Reports for hearing date:

When requesting reports please do so sufficiently in advance of hearing dates to allow for their preparation.

Requests for Governor’s Reports and Educational Reports can be emailed to:
The court office will then requisition same from the Prison.

Requests for Urinalysis and other reports can be emailed to:
Requests will then be considered by the Court at a case management listing.
If request is granted same will then be requisitioned from the Prison.