Chancery List

Chancery List

Types of cases

Common types of cases in the Chancery List are injunction applications, company law matters, specific performance / rescission of contracts, administration of estates of deceased persons / trust actions and Revenue cases stated.

Listing procedures

On a Monday there are three Chancery lists

  1. Chancery List 1: Pre-trial motions in plenary proceedings
  2. Chancery List 2: Companies Act matters and Special Summonses other than those listed in the Chancery Special Summons List
  3. Chancery Special Summons list: applications for possession and mortgage suits

Plenary cases require to be set down for hearing. A certificate stating that the case is ready for hearing (certificate of readiness) from senior counsel must be filed (as per High Court Practice Direction HC75) . Once this is done an application can be made for a hearing date at the time and date set out in the table on this page

Cases other than Plenary cases (e.g cases commenced by Special Summons, originating Notice of Motion or Petition ) that require longer than 20 minutes for hearing are listed in the Thursday Chancery list to assign a hearing date once the case is ready for hearing

Weekly callover

All cases listed for hearing on Tuesday to Friday each week  are called over at 10.00 a.m. on the Thursday of the preceding week to confirm the case is going ahead. The hearing date is vacated if there is no attendance at the Thursday callover list.