The Courts Service offers schools a great opportunity for classes to visit the Criminal Courts of Justice, Dublin, led by a legal professional. Students will be able to ask questions and participate in a mock trial in a real courtroom. 

School Visits

School Guided Visits Information

School Visits

School visits are conducted on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday mornings and afternoons during court terms.

In order to schedule a date and time for your booking please click on the below arrow.

* We are unable to accommodate individual tours, these visits are designed for second level school groups.

School Guided Visits Information

Details of Guided Visits

Details of Guided Visits

Groups must be no more than 24 students with 2 accompanying teachers. The group will be split into two when attending court proceedings, with one teacher per group. 

Please use the above booking facility to schedule a guided tour by clicking on the arrow on the right hand side. The booking system will require contact details for one person when booking, and may appear as booking for one person (however this is for the entire group.)

On the day of your visit

  • Assemble at the 'Schools Meeting Point' sign in the Great Hall in the Criminal Courts of Justice no later then 9.10 a.m. for the morning visit and 1.05 p.m. for the afternoon visit
  • Members of the group should be in school uniform where appropriate
  • Switch off all mobile phones
  • Note that the taking of photographs inside the court building is prohibited
  • We regret that we are unable to offer parking facilities, however street parking is available and the Phoenix Park is nearby.

Format of a visit

  • A legal professional will meet your group and introduce you to the building and work carried out there
  • You will be brought to a courtroom for further discussion and to take part in a mock trial (the details of which will be provided to you in advance of your visit)
  • Approximately 15 minutes before a court hearing commences you will be directed to the relevant courtroom to observe a court in session
  • Given that court proceedings can be long and protracted, we recommend that you stay in the court until 1.00 p.m. (for morning visits) and 4.00 p.m. (for afternoon visits) to afford yourself an opportunity to follow what is happening.

Every effort will be made to enable groups to also attend at a court hearing. However, the nature of court proceedings is such that there may be days when there are no suitable cases at hearing at the time of the visit. 

Note: There are no available tour dates during August and September when the courts are on long vacation. 

See below downloadable forms for use for guided tour.

Teachers notes for mock trial
Schools information leaflet