Bail – appeals from the refusal of bail, variations to bail, bail in matters where the Central Criminal Court has jurisdiction. The list is dealt with in Cloverhill Prison.

Bankruptcy - Applications to adjourn petitions on consent and applications for new return dates for petitions will be dealt with at 10.45 o'clock by the Registrar in the Court to which the list is assigned

Proceeds of Crime - Criminal Assets Bureau matters – The list takes place at 11.00 on Mondays in the Courts of Criminal Justice

Common Law Ex Parte – substituted service, renewal of summonses once they are out of time, liberty to serve out of the jurisdiction.

Examiners – applications arising from the Examiners Office list where a Court Order is required.

Extradition- the list is held every Monday in the Courts of Criminal Justice

Garda Compensation Special Summonses - The summons remains dormant until the plaintiff's solicitor and the Chief State Solicitor agree that the case is ready to go on. At this point, the Plaintiff can apply on any Monday to the list for a date.

Hague Luxembourg Convention (child abduction) - The list takes place at 10.00 o’clock each Wednesday.

Judicial Review Ex Parte – leave to apply for Judicial Review (as per High Court Practice Direction HC02 and the General Notice of 2 December 2019 on the Legal Diary)  The original statement and grounding affidavit should be filed in the Central Office and a certified copy, bearing the record number issued by the Central Office, be lodged in the Central Office by 11.00 o’clock on a Monday morning. Applications are made before the Court at 11.30 o’clock on a Monday . A copy of the statement of grounds should also be e-mailed  to the Registrar.

Judicial review applications in respect of strategic infrastructure developments (as per High Court Practice Direction HC74) - All applications for leave to apply for judicial review in respect of permissions or decisions concerning strategic infrastructure developments must be made to Mr. Justice McDonald. They may not be made to any other judge. Mr. Justice McDonald will sit at 10.30am each Thursday during term to hear such applications. The applicant for such leave must lodge all the necessary papers in support of the application in a bound, indexed and paginated form with the Central Office marked “Strategic Infrastructure Application” not later than 4.00pm on the preceding Tuesday.

Probate – applications issue in the Probate office. All applications (On notice at the Sitting of the Court, on notice or ex parte) made on a Monday must be notified to the Probate Office in advance.

Rulings in Minor and Fatal cases - applications to have settlements ruled by the Court are heard at 10.30 o’clock each Monday

Restrictions of Directors – applications to restrict/strike off company directors – held monthly on a Monday at 2.00 o’clock

Solicitors, Nurses, Dental Council, Medical Council, Wards of Court – heard before the President on a Monday at 2.00 o’clock. Papers must be lodged in the Central Office by the prior Wednesday afternoon before  16.30 o’clock.