Types of cases

Actions such as breach of contract actions, negligence actions (other than personal injuries and medical negligence claims)  and claims for debt; Statutory Appeals and miscellaneous civil actions, cases stated from the District Court;  Dublin Circuit Appeals. In addition, motions for summary judgment in debt claims and other notices of motion  that are too lengthy for hearing the Common Law List are transferred to the Non Jury list for hearing.

Listing procedures

Plenary actions: The case is set down for hearing. Then a certificate stating that the case is ready for hearing (Certificate of Readiness) must be filed in the Central Office. Once this is done, an application can be made for a hearing date at the time and date set out below.

Statutory Appeals, Miscellaneous Civil Actions: When the originating Notice of Motion is filed in the Central Office, the motion is listed for directions on a Monday in the Non Jury List. The motion may be adjourned for directions from time to time until it is ready for hearing, at which point a hearing date is assigned.

Cases Stated: When the case stated is received by the Central Office, it is listed for mention in the Non Jury List on a Monday for the purposes of being assigned a hearing date and for any necessary directions. The case stated may be adjourned from time to time in the Non Jury List until it is ready for a hearing date, at which point a date for hearing is assigned.

Motions transferred from the Common Law List including motions for summary judgment: Upon transfer from the Common Law list, the motion is listed for mention on the following Thursday in the Non Jury List in order to be assigned a date for hearing

Weekly callover

All actions, motions and other matters listed for hearing in the Non Jury List on Tuesday to Friday of each week are called over at 10.00 a.m. on the Thursday of the preceding week to confirm that the hearing is going ahead. The hearing date is vacated if there is no attendance at the Thursday callover.

Sittings of the Non-Jury List are held in Cork on three occasions each year. Non-Jury sittings may also be scheduled from time to time at other venues outside Dublin.  Applications may be made on any Thursday morning in the Non-Jury List to transfer a motion or action for hearing to the Cork Non-Jury sittings. Practitioners should note that cases longer than 3 days are not suitable for inclusion in this list.