Editable PDF:  Form 55F: Reply to Notice of Motion 

Form 55F

An Chúirt Chuarda
The Circuit Court

Reply to Notice of Motion

Record Number: …

Circuit …                                                                    County …

In the Matter of the Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act 2015, as amended

Part:                                               Section:

And In the Matter of

Relevant Person:

Name: …                                                              Address: …

Name of Applicant: …

Your response:

How would you like to respond to the application/appeal? (Please select one):

  • I do not object to the application/appeal
  • I do not agree with the application/appeal

If you do not agree with the application/appeal, please give your reasons: …..

Please set out any further information which you think should be brought to the Court’s attention: ….

Court hearing:

If you are attending the hearing and require special assistance or facilities, please list them below:


Signature of Relevant Person/Solicitor for Relevant Person: …

Date: ….

Solicitor Details (if applicable)

Name and Address of Solicitor: …

Email: …                                                              Phone Number: …


Name and Address of Court office: …

Name and address of Applicant/Appellant: …