In this section you will find the list of fees for the Circuit Court, as per Part 1, General.

Part 1 - General

Item Fee Document to be stamped
1. On every affidavit filed €15.00 The affidavit
2. On every copy of any document €15.00 The copy or court fee card
3. On every search €15.00 Court fee card
4. On every stamping of an un-stamped document given in evidence €55.00 The requisition to stamp

5. On every

  1. originating application to the court ex parte
  2. other application to the court not otherwise specifically provided for, or
  3. originating notice of motion
€130.00 The application
6. On every certificate not otherwise provided for €15.00 Court fee card
7. On a summons to tax €70.00 The summons
8. On the taxation of a bill of costs-

for every full €100 in the amount (including witnesses' and other expenses and Value Added Tax) allowed

€8.00 The original bill or court fee card
9. On the issue of a certificate of taxation €70.00 The certificate or court fee card
10. On every application for an endorsement of a certificate for registration of a judgment mortgage in the Property Registration Authority. €20.00 The certificate