Notice from the Chief Justice of review in relation to reciprocal arrangements for the admission of qualified barristers to practise in other jurisdictions

29th September 2020

A practitioner at the Bar of Ireland who wishes to be called to the Bar of Northern Ireland or the Bar of England and Wales is required to, amongst other things, produce a Certificate of Good Standing in support of his or her application.  As a matter of course, until this point, the Chief Justice has certified the good standing of Irish barristers making such applications based on information received from the Bar Council of Ireland. 

The Legal Services Regulatory Authority was established in 2016 on foot of the Legal Services Regulation Act 2015 as the national statutory regulator for both barristers and solicitors.  The functions of the LSRA include the maintenance of the roll of practising barristers and the receipt and investigation of complaints against barristers.

The Chief Justice has instigated a review as to whether there should be any changes agreed as to the manner in which the good standing of Irish barristers should be certified with those jurisdictions with whom Ireland has reciprocal arrangements regarding the admission of qualified lawyers to practise. 

The conclusions of this review will be published in due course.  Pending its completion and the implementation of changes (if any) which might be considered appropriate as a result of its findings, the Chief Justice will not be issuing any such certification to any persons at this time.