Your name is the name by which you are known, or commonly use.

Change of Name via Deed Poll

A Deed Poll is a signed declaration that binds you to a particular cause of action from the date of signing. It is most often used to declare an intention to change your name. A Deed Poll for change of name contains declarations (i.e., a sworn statement) that you

  • Abandon the use of your old name
  • Intend to be known as and use your new name at all times and in all dealings

Carrying out (or 'executing') a Deed Poll is a relatively simple process. You can engage a solicitor to do it or you may do it yourself.

Enrolling the Deed

There is no automatic requirement to enrol the deed poll as, generally, it has the same effect as a deed poll which has not been enrolled. Some organisations will only accept a deed poll that has been 'enrolled' in the Central Office of the High Court.

The enrolment of a deed poll in the Central Office puts your change of name on a publicly accessible record known as a Deed Poll Register. In addition, enrolling the deed poll means a record of the change of name is kept for future identification, and a certified copy of the original enrolled deed poll is available if needed.

Change of Name Licence for non-EU Nationals

If you are a non-EU national aged 18 or over, and you want to change your name by deed poll, you must obtain a change of name licence from Immigration Service Delivery (ISD), previously called the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS). This is provided for under Section 9 of the Aliens Act 1935.

Adult Deed Poll

For Adult Deed Poll applications please see the precedent forms and checklist below:

The forms should only be completed in Microsoft Word.

Please note the Deed Poll should be printed on deed paper (which is available from legal stationers), or any high-quality paper.

For Deed Poll queries please email
For Deed Poll Appointments, please use the online booking system on the Appointments Page.

Minor Deed Poll

For all minor (under 18) Deed Poll applications please contact for the necessary documentation. Please include the age, nationality and where the minor is resident. Please also confirm if both parents/legal guardians of the minor consent to the application.