List of documents and other information required to make an applicationĀ 

De Bonis Non Applications

De Bonis Non Applications

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Document which must be lodged in ALL cases When needed Exceptions (where there may be an alternative to lodging the document) Why is this required?
Notice Of Application In all cases No exceptions To enable details of application to be recorded immediately
Oath Of Administrator (intestate or with Will Annexed) In all cases No exceptions Evidence upon which grant issues
Bond In all cases No exceptions Required under Succession Act 1965
Original Grant In all cases If original grant is unavailable then a sealed and certified copy of the Original grant and (if a will annexed application), a sealed and certified copy of the will, along with a letter explaining why original is not available and undertaking to lodge it should it become available There should not be 2 original grants in existence and proof of issue of original grant.
2 Engrossments of Will (copies of will certified by solicitor to be a true copy of the original) In all cases where there is a will No exceptions (except intestacy applications) One copy is for transmission to Revenue Commissioners and one will be incorporated into the Grant of Probate
Original Death Certificate Not necessary N/A N/A
Notice of Acknowledgement (Probate) Form received from Revenue Commissioners - find more information on In all cases for dates of death on 5th December 2001 and onwards No exceptions to comply with Section 48A CAT Consolidation Act 2003

Appropriate Inland Revenue Affidavit for dates of death pre-5th December 2001.  There is a special Inland Revenue Affidavit for De Bonis Non grants.  Please note that the current market value of the estate must be used throughout.  The copy Inland Revenue Affidavit as certified by the Revenue Commissioners to be lodged. Find more information at

In all cases for dates of death pre-5th December 2001 No exceptions To comply with Section 48(2) CAT Consolidation Act 2003 
Probate Fee – There is a set fee of €150 In all cases No exceptions Required under S.I. No. 492 of 2014


Please use correct precedent Oath:

Oath of Administrator Including Bond - De Bonis Non (Single Applicant)
Oath Of Administraor Including Bond - De Bonis Non (More than one Applicant)

Oath of Administrator with Will Annexed including Bond - De Bonis Non (Single Applicant)
Oath of Administrators with Will Annexed including Bond - De Bonis Non (More than one applicant)

Oath Requirements:
Original Only, No copies required. 
Ensure names and addresses of all parties are consistent across all documents
Ensure that the deceased in the oath is the same person referred to in the original grant (and will if applicable)
All differences in names and addresses must be accounted for in the oath
Ensure correct Title (See Title under Intestacy Applications or Will Annexed Applications for more information)
State relationship of applicant to deceased
Date and place of death must be as per the original grant
Total Gross Current Irish Estate
Jurat must comply with S.I. No. 95 of 2009 and cannot be executed before lodging solicitor
Complete the filing clause
All exhibits must be signed by deponent and the person who administered the oath.  The date of the exhibit must be cited in the oath.  N.B. the actual exhibit must be signed.  Exhibit sheets are not accepted.
Ensure details of original grant and date of death of original legal personal representatives are accounted for