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District Court Rules

Amendment to: General
S.I. No. 581 of 2009: District Court (Combined Court Offices) Rules 2009

3. The District Court Rules, 1997 (S.I. No. 93 of 1997) are amended by the substitution in the “Interpretation of Terms” provisions for the definition of “Clerk” of the following:
      “ “Clerk”, save where the context otherwise requires, means a District Court Clerk attached to the District Court in accordance with section 46 of the Court Officers Act 1926 and assigned to any one or more court areas in accordance with section 48 of that Act or a person temporarily appointed to perform the duties and fulfil the functions of such Clerk, and where a District Court Clerk conducts business in a combined courts office established under section 14 of the Courts and Court Officers Act 2009, any reference in these Rules to the office of that Clerk or to the District Court office to which that business relates is or includes a reference to that combined courts office, and any form in the Schedule of Forms may be modified accordingly.”