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District Court Rules

Amendment to: Order 22
S.I. No. 498 of 2008: District Court (Bench Warrants) Rules 2008

1. These rules may be cited as the District Court (Bench Warrants) Rules 2008.

2. These rules shall come into operation on the 29th day of December 2008 and shall be construed together with the District Court Rules 1997 to 2008.

3. The District Court Rules 1997 (S.I. No. 93 of 1997) are amended by the insertion in Order 22, immediately following rule 4, of the following:

      “5. A single warrant may be issued under this Order in respect of several failures to appear referred to in rules 1 and 2. Any [such] warrant issued under this Order shall contain, either in the body thereof, or attached thereto, sufficient particulars to identify the failure or failures to appear referred to in rules 1 and 2.”