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Circuit Court Rules

Order: 4

Court seal

The below amendment(s) have been made to this instrument which can be viewed by clicking on the link(s):

No4-S.I. No. 409 Of 2006: Circuit Court Rules (Court Seal) 2006
No4-S.I. No. 583 Of 2009: Circuit Court Rules (Combined Court Offices) 2009
No4-S.I. No. 19 Of 2019: Circuit Court Rules (Order 4) 2019

1. The Court shall have for use in each County an embossing Seal or, in circumstances in which the Office has multiple locations, embossing Seals with an appropriate inscription, as directed by the Minister, specifying the name of the Circuit in connection with which it is to be used. Such Seal shall be placed and retained in the custody of the County Registrar. It shall not be necessary that any Decree, Order, Warrant or other document shall be signed by the Judge, but all such documents shall be authenticated by the Seal of the Court impressed thereon and the signature of the County Registrar.

2. Where by reason of the re-arrangement of Circuits an embossing Seal is not available for a particular Circuit Court area then until such time as an embossing Seal becomes available, all documents required by Rule 1 of this Order to be authenticated by the Seal of the Court shall be authenticated by the signatures of both the Circuit Court Judge and the County Registrar for the said area.