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District Court Rules

Schedule: C - Forms in civil proceedings

Form: 86.1 Public Dancing Licence - Public Dance Halls Act 1935

No. 86.1

O.86, rr.2 (7),4 (5)

Public Dance Halls Act, 1935

section 2 (OR) 8 (2)

Public dancinglicence

District Court Area of

District No.

THE COURT HEREBY GRANTS to ........ of .......... this Licence to use a particular place, to wit:

situate at

in court area and district aforesaid,

for PUBLIC DANCING, subject to the following conditions and restrictions:—

Dated this ... day of ...... 19...

Signed ..................

Judge of the District Court


This licence shall continue in force and effect until the date of the next Annual Licensing Court for the said court area or the sooner termination thereof by course of law.