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Circuit Court Rules

Amendment to: Order 3
S.I. No. 523 of 2011: Circuit Court Rules (Judges' Robes) 2011

1. (1) These Rules, which shall come into operation on the 14th day of October 2011, may be cited as the Circuit Court Rules (Judges’ Robes) 2011.

(2) These Rules shall be construed together with the Circuit Court Rules.

(3) The Circuit Court Rules as amended by these Rules may be cited as the Circuit Court Rules 2001 to 2011.

2. Order 3 of the Circuit Court Rules is amended by the substitution for Rule 1 of the following rule:

      “1. (1) Save as otherwise provided by Statute or these Rules, the Judges shall during the sittings of the Court wear a black coat and vest of uniform nature and material, of the kind heretofore worn by Senior Counsel, a black gown of uniform make and white bands as heretofore worn.

      (2) A Judge shall not be required to wear a wig of a ceremonial type during such sittings.”