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Court Offices by Business
These are the dedicated offices which deal with specific court business for the Dublin courts (except Dún Laoghaire and Swords district courts).  Provincial circuit court and district court offices deal with all court business for their locations.
Show details for [<span style="display:none">]6[</span>]Supreme Court6Supreme Court
Show details for [<span style="display:none">]5[</span>]Court of Appeal5Court of Appeal
Hide details for [<span style="display:none">]4[</span>]High Court4High Court
Accountant of the Courts of Justice
Central Office of the High Court
Courts Accounts Office
Dublin Courts Stamping Office
Dublin Criminal Courts Office
Dublin Jury Office
Dublin Probate Office (Principal Probate Registry)
General Solicitor for Minors and Wards of Court
Office of the Examiner of the High Court
Office of Wards of Court
Taxing Master
Show details for [<span style="display:none">]3[</span>]Circuit Court3Circuit Court
Show details for [<span style="display:none">]2[</span>]District Court2District Court