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Notice of intention to acquire fee simple

Notice of intention to acquire fee simple or ground rent if superior interest is known (landlord)

Landlord and Tenant (Ground Rents) Act 1967 to 2005

Notice of intention to acquire the fee simple

To:  name of respondent


  1. Description of land to which the notice refers:-
    The piece of ground known as (address or description)
  2. Particulars of applicant(s) lease or tenancy:-
    Held under an indenture of lease etc.
  3. Part of the Lands Excluded, if any:-
    Description of property excluded

TAKE NOTICE that I, (applicant's name) , being a person entitled under section 3 Of Landlord & Tenant(Ground Rents)Act 1967, propose to purchase the Fee Simple in the land described in Paragraph 1.


Address (Applicant Solicitor)

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