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Role of County Registrar

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County Registrars are appointed directly by the government.

The Department of Justice and Law Reform advertises to fill these positions.

County registrars perform a number of quasi-judicial functions which are conferred on them by statute - for example holding motions courts and case progression hearings, conducting arbitrations under the Landlord and Tenant (Ground Rents) Acts and the taxation of costs. They are independent in the exercise of these functions and appeals against their decisions are made directly to the circuit court judge. In addition, the county registrar has responsibility for the administration and management of the circuit court offices in each county.

There are 14 District Probate Registries covering all counties other than Dublin. In these counties the county registrar is the district probate registrar. The district probate registry provides a local and accessible service to legal practitioners and the public whereby they can apply for and obtain grants of probate and administration in relation to the estates of deceased persons.

Except in Dublin and Cork, the county registrar is also the sheriff and responsible for the enforcement of court orders and acts as returning officer for all referenda and elections.

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