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General Notices: 16th October 2018 HC Judges Michaelmas


The President of the High Court has assigned the following Judges of the High Court to be the Judge in Charge of the following High Court Lists for Michaelmas Term 2018 with effect from 22nd October 2018:

Mr Justice White, Judge in Charge of the Central Criminal Court

Mr Justice Cross, Judge in Charge of the Personal Injuries List

Mr Justice Barton, Judge in Charge of the Jury List

Mr Justice Noonan, Judge in Charge of the Non Jury / Judicial Review List

Ms Justice Faherty, Judge in Charge of the Family List

Mr Justice Haughton, Judge in Charge of the Commercial List

Mr Justice Humphreys, Judge in Charge of the Asylum List

Ms Justice Reynolds, Judge in Charge of the Chancery List

Any application with regard to matters pertaining to those lists shall be made to the relevant Judge in Charge.

It should be noted that the foregoing does not constitute an assignment of a Judge pursuant to S.I. No. 255 of 2016 - Rules of the Superior Courts (Chancery and Non-Jury actions and other designated proceedings: pre-trial procedures) 2016

16th October 2018