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About the Courts Service


The Courts Service was established as an independent corporate organisation on 9th November 1999 following the enactment of the Courts Service Act, 1998.

Our functions

» to manage the courts
» to provide support services for the judges
» to provide information on the courts system to the public
» to provide, manage and maintain court buildings
» to provide facilities for users of the courts

Roles and responsibilities

» Organisation and management
» Classes of records 

Governance and management arrangements

» Court Service Corporate Governance Framework
» Membership of the Courts Service Board  

Corporate plans and strategies

» Corporate plans and strategies 

Pay and grading structures

» Circular 17/2015
» Pay ranges for grades unique to the Courts Service 

Agencies or other bodies under the Courts Service’s remit

There are no agencies or other bodies under the Courts Service remit.

Service Level Agreements

» A service level agreement between the Courts Service and the Financial Shared Services Centre, Department of Justice and Equality, Killarney is currently being updated.
» A service management agreement between the Courts Service and the Payroll Shared Services Centre is currently being developed.

Customer Service

» Customer charters
» Codes of practice or guidelines 


» Locations and contact details for the Courts Service