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Disclosure log and routinely published information

Disclosure log

The Courts Service has a policy of posting a disclosure summary of non-personal Freedom of Information requests on its website for reference purposes.

Disclosure logs are routinely published for every quarter.

The first disclosure log to be published will cover the period 1 April to 30 June 2016.

The log will provide information under the following headings;

Date of request
Reference number
Requestors details
Summary of request*
Date decision is due
Date decision was made
Outcome of request.

*The summary provided may not be the exact wording of the original request.

Disclosure logs:

Courts Service - FOI Disclosure Log 2017 - Q1.pdf 
Courts Service - FOI Disclosure Log 2016 - Q4.pdf 
Courts Service - FOI Disclosure Log 2016 - Q3.pdf 
Courts Service - FOI Disclosure Log 2016 - Q2.pdf


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Courts Service Polices

» Courts Service Data Protection General Policy
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Commercial pulications and relative charges

The Courts Service has no commercial publications and relative charges.

Routinely published information

The Courts Service publishes information on a wide varied of court related subjects outside of Freedom of Information Act, on this website. See our sitemap.