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Welcome to the heritage section. Here we highlight the role the courts have played, and continue to play, in the history and heritage of Ireland.

The ideal of justice is a vital element of our society and to explore the history of the law in Ireland, is to embark on a fascinating journey. A person seeking redress together with a king or state imposing a system on the concept of right and wrong is one of the fundamental principles of how a just society should work.

In this section you can learn about the history and development of the law in Ireland including information about the ancient Brehon law system. You can find out about important dates and famous trials through the years; read about famous people associated with the courts and find out about court traditions. You can also learn some interesting facts in our did you know? section and read our heritage series leaflets which cover diverse subjects from buidlings to judiciary to landmark cases.

We hope that by reading our architecture and heritage section you will appreciate the importance of court buildings not only as places where justice is administered but as major civic attractions in towns all around Ireland. Many court buildings today are 'protected structures' and great care has been, and continues to be, taken to restore them to their former glory.