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General publications


English: Bail
Polish: Poręczenie
Romanian:  Cauţiunea
Russian: Освобождение под залог или поручительство  

Court fees:

Application for refund of court fees


Ardee courthouse, Co. Louth
Athy courthouse, Co. Kildare 
Ballyshannon courthouse Co. Donegal 
Blanchardstown courthouse, Dublin 15
Bray courthouse, Co. Wicklow
Carlow courthouse
Castlebar courthouse, Co. Mayo
Carrickmacross courthouse, Co. Monaghan
Clonmel courthouse, Co. Tipperary
Cloverhill courthouse - English
Cloverhill Courthouse - Spanish
Cloverhill courthouse - French
Cloverhill courthouse - Chinese
Cloverhill courthouse - Polish
Cloverhill courthouse - Russian
Cork courthouse Washington Street 
Cork courthouse Anglesea Street 
Criminal Courts of Justice, Dublin 
Drogheda Courthouse, Co. Louth 
Dundalk courthouse, Co. Louth
Ennis courthouse, Co. Clare
Fermoy courthouse, Co. Cork 
Kilkenny courthouse
Kilmallock courthouse, Co. Limerick
Kilrush courthouse, Co. Clare 
Letterkenny courthouse, Co. Donegal 
Limerick City courthouse Merchants' Quay 
Limerick Courthouse Mulgrave Street 
Lismore courthouse, Co. Waterford 
Longford courthouse
Monaghan courthouse 
Navan courthouse, Co. Meath 
Nenagh courthouse
Portlaoise courthouse, Co. Laois
Sligo courthouse
Swords and Balbriggan District Courts
Thurles courthouse, Co. Tipperary
Trim courthouse, Co. Meath
Tullamore courthouse
Waterford Courthouse 
Wexford Courthouse

Customer service:

Customer Complaint Form

Digital Audio Recording:

Digital Audio Recording

Drug Court:

Review of the Drug Treatment Court 
Final Evaluation of the Pilot Drug Court & Evaluation of the Pilot Drug Court appendices 
Drug Treatment Court Programme - a guide to the induction and bronze phases for participants
Drug Treatment Court Programme - a guide to the silver phase for participants
Drug Treatment Court Programme - a guide to the gold phase for participants 

Dublin Metropolitan District:

Civil Enforcement Procedure in the District Court - guide

Explaining the courts:

Explaining the Courts

Family law:

Report of the Family Law Reporting Project Committee to the Board of the Courts Service
Family Law Matters Vol. 3 No. 2 - Winter2009
Family Law Matters Vol. 3 No. 1 - Spring 2009
Index of topics published in all Family Law Matters

Family Law Matters Vol. 2 No. 3 - Winter 2008
Family Law Matters Vol. 2 No. 2 - Summer 2008
Family Law Matters Vol. 2 No. 1 - Spring 2008 

Report to the Board of the Courts Service by Dr. Carol Coulter - October 2007
Family Law Matters Vol. 1 No. 3 - Autumn 2007
Family Law Matters Vol. 1 No. 2 - Summer 2007
Family Law Matters Vol. 1 No. 1 - Spring 2007

The Four Courts:

The Four Courts - a brief history - leaflet

Freedom of Information - s. 15 & 16 Freedom of Information Act, 1997: 

Courts Service Freedom of Information Guide 2013 - 2016 

Going to court:

A DVD and booklet for young witnesses
Going to court.pdf
Going to Court - the movie


Galway Judges 1922 - 2003 - brochure
Glencairn -a place in legal history
Naas Courthouse - a history
On the bench: The Johnsons and the Johnstons - leaflet
On the bench: The O'Briens and Fitzgeralds - leaflet
Mullingar Courthouse -a brief history - leaflet
The Four Courts - a brief history - leaflet
The Takeover Bid - leaflet
The Takeover Bid cartoon 

High Court:

Judgment Sets and Orders of Fieri Facias - July 2019.pdf
Registering Lis Pendens in the High Court - May 2014 

Investment of court funds:

District Court Procedures for the lodgment of new Minor / Wards funds in the Accounts Office.doc
Circuit Court Procedures for the lodgment of new Minor / Wards funds in the Accounts Office.doc


District Court licensing and other applications.pdf - wallchart updated October 2013


Guide to possession in the Circuit Court

Small Claims:

English: A guide to small claims in the district Court
Gaeilge: Treoir maidir le nós imeachta éilimh bheaga sa chúirt dúiche
Cantonese:  小額錢債审索指南 
Mandarin:    小额钱债 诉讼指南
French:   Petits litiges civils - French
Spanish: Cómo realizar pequeñas reclamaciones 

Small claims flow chart outlining the process:
As Gaeilge:   Treoir faoi phróiseas na néileamh beag 
English:     A guide to the small claims process
Mandarin:  小额索偿程序指南
French:    Guide sur la procédure de recouvrement despetites créances
Polish:   Informator na temat procedury wsprawie roszczeñ o niewielkiej wartoSci
Russian:      Руководство поио исковьім требованиям на небольшую сумму 
Spanish:   Guía para el procedimiento de demandas de pequeña cuantía

With effect from 10 April 2012 the fee for a small claim application increased from €18 to €25 ref: Statutory Instrument No. 108 of 2012

Taxation of costs:

Taxation of costs

Victim impact statement:

English: Making a victim impact statement.pdf
Gaeilge: Ráiteas tionchair íospartaigh a dhéanamh.pdf
Chinese: 发表受害人影响声明.pdf
French: Faire une déclaration de la victime sur les répercussions du crime.pdf
Polish: Składanie oświadczenia o wpływie zdarzenia na ofiaę.pdf
Romanian: Darea unei declaraţii de impact a victimei.pdf
Russian: Подача заявления потерпевшего.pdf
Spanish: Como realizar una declaración de repercusiones para la víctima.pdf

Wards of court:

Wards of court - booklet 

Who's who in the courtroom:

Whos who in the courtroom .pdf