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Let's look at the law


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What's in it for the students ...
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Let's Look at the Law is a module designed by the Courts Service in consultation with teachers, legal professionals and the national coordinator for Civic, Social and Political Education (C.S.P.E.) at the Department of Education and Science. It provides a dynamic and highly interactive series of lessons that requires no prior legal knowledge on the part of the teacher.

Our aim is to educate students about specific areas of the Irish legal system and to empower them as active citizens of Ireland. Over the course of the module, students will build up a body of knowledge to enable them run a mock trial and organise other action projects.

Of the seven concepts in the C.S.P.E. syllabus, our module relates most specifically to the concept of 'Law'. However, it also touches upon the concepts of 'Democracy' and 'Rights and Responsibilities'. It is relevant, in ways, to all four units of the syllabus, but most particularly 'The Individual and Citizenship' and 'The State - Ireland'.

We hope that interest in our module will not be limited to those involved in the teaching of C.S.P.E. There is much that will appeal to those teaching transition year students, those involved in youth groups and anyone involved in the education of the young citizen generally.


This Teacher's Pack has been designed to be as accessible and user friendly as possible and comes in three distinct parts:

  1. The Teacher's Manual contains step-by-step lesson plans to help the teacher guide the students through the Irish legal system. It also contains notes accompanying each lesson plan with supplementary information the teacher may need to conduct each lesson.
  2. A selection of teaching aids supplement specific lesson plans. The teacher can photocopy these and distribute them among the students.
  3. The DVD is an interactive teaching resource to help clarify and explain many aspects of the Irish legal system. It has been designed to support the teacher rather than become the focus of the module. Generally, teachers will find the DVD most helpful when it is used to briefly explain and demonstrate a concept and is followed by a classroom activity relating to the topics it has raised.

Above all, we hope that students and teachers alike find this module interesting, informative and fun and that it helps open up access to the law for youngpeople all over the country. Afterall, it's our legal system!

For a Teacher's Resource Pack with manual, posters and DVD contact:

The Courts Service Information Office,
Phoenix House,
15/24 Phoenix Street North,
Smithfield, Dublin 7.
Tel: +353 1 888 6459
Fax: +353 1 873 5250
Email: PublicationsUnit@courts.ie