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The panel on the left side of every page can be used to navigate this site. Select the name of the section you require and click on it.

Within each section you can return to the homepage of that section by clicking on the link above the top navigational bar that displays the name of the section and Homepage.

For example ...


Your may also use the search facility at the top of every page. 


Enter your search text in the 'Search for' field then, 'Click to Search. You may choose to search all of the website by selecting All Sections or if you know that what you're looking for is within one specific section then choose that one e.g. Legal Diary.

Advanced Search

If you wish to carry out an Advanced Search, choose this option in the top bar.  Within this option you can limit or expand your searching options as follows:

Searching using one word

Try searching using just one word 'affidavits' first. If there are too many returns, try adding 'means', 'payment' and 'costs', separated by AND. This finds all documents containing those words.

Be specific

Use words you think are only in the documents you want. Use quotes to search for an exact phrase - 'affidavit of means'.  Also, putting single spaces between words returns the text in that exact order.

Using 'Word Variants' and 'Search Fuzzy'

These broaden your search and make it more comprehensive. Once you have selected these options, you can try using parts of words - 'gene*' to find 'genetics' or 'ray' to find 'gray', 'stray', or 'bray'.

Use different words with the same meaning

Using 'OR' between different words with the same meaning finds documents containing any of these words

Search Results

Some but not all search results may be highlighted in green. If you are requested to enter a password to access a document, this denotes that the document is not ready for publication.If you have too many or too few results, try reformulating your search.

If there are too many results, try using AND between words - affidavit AND welfare returns results with both words = more results. If there are too few results, try OR between words - affidavit OR means which returns one or the other = fewer results

Reserved words and characters

You may not search for the words 'or', 'and', 'field', 'contains' and 'not'

In addition, you may not use characters such as /  ;  :  & %  etc.

Note: Searching judgments

The Advanced Search link in the Judgments section is a specific search facility for the judgments section only.