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Guidelines for ... filing a High Court affidavit

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Sample affidavit

1. Affidavits are filed by post or in person at the Central Office of the High Court, Four Courts, Inns Quay, Dublin 7.

2. Documents filed should be on A4 size paper.

3. To file an affidavit you should check the following;

  • The correct court fee is attached - see Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court Fees Order Schedule 1 Part 4 B
  • Is the affidavit in the correct format - see link to sample above
  • Did you include a stamped self addressed envelope, if filing by post
  • Did you include two copies of the affidavit, which will be returned to you
  • Have you included the filing clause at the bottom of the affidavit 
    'filed on behalf of the plaintiff/defendant, applicant/respondent by ...'
  • Have you included the record number on the top right corner of the document - for example, 2014/0000 P or 2013/0000 S
  • Is the jurat completed correctly - see link to sample above

4. Order 40 Rules of the Superior Courts sets out the Rules in relation to affidavits.

5. Exhibits are not accepted and should not be included with the affidavit.

6. Cheques and cash will not be accepted under any circumstances by the Central Office.


Note: This is not a legal document and it does not purport to give legal advice. If you need legal advice you should consult a solicitor.


This page updated: 29 November 2016