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July 2009

Dormant Funds - unclaimed funds in the Circuit Court


The following is a list of Circuit Court proceedings, prepared by the County Registrars, in which, as of the 31st of December, 2008, funds had not been dealt with for 15 years or upwards.  The balances standing to the credit of the accounts concerned have been carried over to a general ledger account for dormant balances by the County Registrars in pursuance of Order 18, rule 10 of the Circuit Court Rules, 2001.  Any person claiming an interest in or entitlement to the funds standing to the credit of a particular account may contact the County Registrar concerned and should produce proof of their interest or entitlement.

Dormant Funds 2009.pdf 

Note: The list for County Kildare includes an entry for Dowling, Thomas (Labourers Act).
This entry was included in error.