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Court: High
Topic: Medical negligence actions
Category: Civil

HC58 - Setting down for trial in medical negligence actions

Direction pursuant to Order 36 Rule 2 (c) of the Rules of the Superior Courts

With effect from this 20th day of November 2012 proceedings in respect of any claim by a person, or a personal representative or dependant of a deceased person, for damages for negligence, breach of statutory duty or breach of contract arising from any act or omission concerning -

(a) the provision of a health service (including any dental service) to that person,

(b) the carrying out of a clinical, medical or surgical procedure (including any dental procedure) in relation to that person,

(c) the carrying out of a clinical or medical diagnosis, investigation or research (including any dental diagnosis, investigation or research) in respect of that person,

(d) the provision of medical advice and information (including any dental advice and information) to that person,

(e) the provision of clinical or medical treatment or care (including any dental treatment or care) to that person, or

(f) implantation of, or a defect in, a device or material implanted in that person for medical or cosmetic reasons

shall be set down for trial in Dublin.

Pursuant to Order 36 Rule 2 (f) I direct that this direction be published on the Courts Service website.

Dated this 20th day of November 2012

Nicholas J Kearns
President of the High Court