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This section contains written judgments made available by the Supreme Court from 2001, the Court of Appeal from 2014 and the High Court from 2004.

There are also judgments of the Court of Criminal Appeal, the Courts-Martial Appeal Court, the Central Criminal Court, the Circuit Court and judgments of the District Court in childcare cases.

There are determinations of the Supreme Court from 2015.

Disclaimer, copyright and re-use of judgments.


All recent court judgments:
Use the following list to find judgments most recently made available.

They are displayed in descending date order. Use the Next button to access documents earlier in time. Use the Previous button to access documents delivered later in time.

Date format:
The dates displayed within pages in the Judgments database are dependant on the language settings for your device/web browser. If you see dates in the mm/dd/yyyy format but you normally use dd/mm/yyyy, please check to see that you have the correct language selected in your device/browser.

Date DeliveredTitleCourtDate Uploaded
02/13/2018Bennett & ors -v- Earlsfort Centre (Developments) Unlimited CompanyHigh Court02/16/2018
02/06/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- HughesCourt of Appeal02/16/2018
01/30/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- Sychulec & GruchaczCourt of Appeal02/16/2018
01/30/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- TrifonovsCourt of Appeal02/16/2018
01/22/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- R McCCourt of Appeal02/16/2018
02/13/2018Minister for Justice & Equality -v- LipinskiSupreme Court02/15/2018
02/09/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- O'LoughlinCourt of Appeal02/15/2018
02/08/2018Zalewski -v- Adjudication Officer (Glackin) & orsHigh Court02/15/2018
02/05/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- F.C.Court of Appeal02/15/2018
02/02/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- GronskiCourt of Appeal02/15/2018
01/29/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- C.Q.Court of Appeal02/15/2018
01/22/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- Fitzgerald & O'DriscollCourt of Appeal02/15/2018
02/14/2018Director of Public Prosecutions -v- SolowiowSupreme Court02/14/2018
02/14/2018Donoghue -v- O'Donoghue & orsCourt of Appeal02/14/2018
02/14/2018MM -v- The Minister for Justice & Equality & orsSupreme Court02/14/2018
02/14/2018Moore -v- The Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht & AnorCourt of Appeal02/14/2018
02/14/2018Moore -v- The Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht & AnorCourt of Appeal02/14/2018
02/09/2018Coffey -v- A Judge of the District Court & anorHigh Court02/14/2018
02/09/2018Mohan -v- Ireland and The Attorney GeneralCourt of Appeal02/14/2018
02/08/2018Bulrush Horticulture Ltd -v- An Bord Pleanála & ors; Westland Horticulture Ltd & ors -v- An Bord Pleanála & orsHigh Court02/14/2018
02/08/2018O'Mahony & ors -v- Promontoria (Gem) DACHigh Court02/14/2018
02/05/2018Re: Webster ( A Bankrupt )High Court02/13/2018
02/05/2018Szczurowski -v- NoonanHigh Court02/13/2018
02/02/2018Fastwell Limited -v- OCL Capital PlcHigh Court02/13/2018
02/01/2018Ryan -v- The Director of Public ProsecutionsHigh Court02/13/2018
01/30/2018Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank -v- Butterly & anorHigh Court02/13/2018
01/29/2018Harten & anor -v- An Bord Pleanála & orsHigh Court02/13/2018
01/29/2018Homecare Medical Supplies Unlimited Company -v- Health Service Executive & anorHigh Court02/13/2018
01/29/2018M.S. -v- A.R.High Court02/13/2018
01/29/2018Ulster Bank Limited -v- Reaney & anorHigh Court02/13/2018

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