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This section contains written judgments made available by the Supreme Court from 2001, the Court of Appeal from 2014 and the High Court from 2004.

There are also judgments of the Court of Criminal Appeal, the Courts-Martial Appeal Court, the Central Criminal Court, the Circuit Court and judgments of the District Court in childcare cases.

There are determinations of the Supreme Court from 2015.

Disclaimer, copyright and re-use of judgments.


All recent court judgments:
Use the following list to find judgments most recently made available.

They are displayed in descending date order. Use the Next button to access documents earlier in time. Use the Previous button to access documents delivered later in time.

Date DeliveredTitleCourtDate Uploaded
11/24/2015Traynor -v- Guinness UDV IrelandHigh Court11/27/2015
11/17/2015SMCG & anor -v- The Child Safety AgencyHigh Court11/27/2015
11/26/2015Carroll -v- Air Accident Investigation Unit & orsSupreme Court11/26/2015
11/26/2015H -v- H & anotherSupreme Court11/26/2015
11/26/2015The Minister for Justice -v- BuckleySupreme Court11/26/2015
11/19/2015Ford & anor -v- The Minister for Justice and EqualityHigh Court11/26/2015
11/19/2015BE (Nigeria) & ors v Refugee Appeals Tribunal High Court11/25/2015
11/19/2015FBS (Nigeria) v Minister for Justice, Equality & Defence & orsHigh Court11/25/2015
11/20/2015Doyle -v- The Minister for Justice & anorHigh Court11/24/2015
11/20/2015H.M. -v- S.M.High Court11/24/2015
11/20/2015O'Reilly -v- Collier & anorHigh Court11/24/2015
11/17/2015Director of Public Prosecutions -v- Weng & anorCourt of Appeal11/24/2015
11/10/2015ACC loan Management Limited -v- Browne & anorHigh Court11/24/2015
11/10/2015Doyle -v- The Private Residential Tenancies Board High Court11/24/2015
11/06/2015Perfect Pies Ltd. & anor -v- Chupn Ltd.High Court11/24/2015
11/09/2014Rayan Restaurant Ltd -v- Kean & OrsCourt of Appeal11/24/2015
11/20/2015The Collector General of behalf of the Minister for Finance -v- P O'MHigh Court11/23/2015
11/19/2015N.P.I. (Nigeria) -v- The Refugee Appeals Tribunal & orsHigh Court11/23/2015
11/17/2015B.W. -v- Refugee Appeals Tribunal & orsHigh Court11/23/2015
11/16/2015T.A.J. -v- The Refugee Appeals Tribunal & anorHigh Court11/23/2015
11/13/2015Dunnes Stores -v- An Bord PleanálaHigh Court11/23/2015
11/12/2015C.J. Gaffney Limited -v- Germanischer Lloyd SE & ors High Court11/23/2015
10/13/2015Somague Engenharia S.A. & anor v-v Transport Infrastructure IrelandHigh Court11/23/2015
10/12/2015Burke -v- Minister for Justice and EqualityHigh Court11/23/2015
11/19/2015S.M. -v- N.MCourt of Appeal11/20/2015
11/16/2015Director of Public Prosecutions - v - Choung VuCourt of Appeal11/20/2015
11/16/2015Director of Public Prosecutions - V - O.O'BCourt of Appeal11/20/2015
11/16/2015Murphy & Ors -v- Governor of Mountjoy (The Training Unit)Court of Appeal11/20/2015
11/12/2015Director of Public Prosecutions - v - D.CCourt of Appeal11/20/2015
11/09/2015Fennell -v- Creedon & anorHigh Court11/20/2015