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07/27/2017McDonagh -v- Sunday Newspapers LimitedSupreme Court
07/13/2017Director of Public Prosecutions -v- WilsonSupreme Court
07/11/2017Leopardstown Club Limited -v- Templeville Developments Limited & anorSupreme Court
05/23/2017Persona Digital Telephony Limited & anor -v- Minister for Public Enterprise & ors.Supreme Court
05/18/2017McNamee -v- BoyceSupreme Court
03/02/2017Minister for Justice and Equality v HorvathSupreme Court
02/13/2017O'Neill -v- McCann Fitzgerald Solicitors and orsSupreme Court
02/02/2017Murray -v- Budds & orsSupreme Court
01/27/2017Re: O’Connor, seeking to be appointed a Notary PublicSupreme Court
01/18/2017Director of Public Prosecutions -v- DoyleSupreme Court
12/16/2016Horan -v- O'Reilly & orsSupreme Court
10/27/2016Minister for Justice Equality & Law Reform -v- WharrieSupreme Court
10/24/2016Nash -v- Director of Public ProsecutionsSupreme Court
09/27/2016Re: Hammond, seeking to be appointed a Notary PublicSupreme Court
07/12/2016Burke -v- Ireland and the Attorney Genaral & OrsSupreme Court
07/12/2016Burke -v- Lynch & OrsSupreme Court
07/12/2016O'Brien -v- Tribunal of Enquiry into payments to Messrs Charles Haughey & OrsSupreme Court
07/12/2016O'Farrell & ors -v- The Governor of Portlaoise PrisonSupreme Court
05/11/2016Searson -v- IrelandSupreme Court
05/10/2016Director of Public Prosecutions -v- BASupreme Court
05/10/2016Gallagher -v- McGlynnSupreme Court
05/10/2016Miley & ors -v- Employment Appeals Tribunal & orsSupreme Court
05/09/2016Rea -v- Ireland and orsSupreme Court
04/28/2016Minister for Justice and Equality -v- J.A.T. No. 2Supreme Court
12/08/2015Bank of Ireland -v- O'Donnell & anorSupreme Court
12/08/2015Bank of Ireland -v- O'Donnell & orsSupreme Court
10/16/2015Derrybrien Development Society Limited -v- Saorgus Energy Limited & orsSupreme Court
07/31/2015Good Concrete -v- CRH Plc & orsSupreme Court
06/25/2015Minister for Justice and Equality -v- EgharevbaSupreme Court
06/25/2015Minister for Justice and Equality -v- McArdle; Minister for Justice and Equality -v- BrunellSupreme Court
06/22/2015Director of Public Prosecutions -v- J.C. (No. 2)Supreme Court
05/21/2015Minister for Justice & Equality v HermanSupreme Court
05/15/2015O'G -v- The Residential Institutions Redress BoardSupreme Court
04/24/2015Re. Referendum Act & re. Jordan and Jordan -v- Minister for Children and Youth Affairs & orsSupreme Court