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07/11/2019O'Brien -v- O'ConnorHigh Court
06/06/2019Kellett -v- RCL Cruises Ltd. & orsHigh Court
05/10/2019Anderson -v- BirthistleHigh Court
03/20/2019Anderson -v- BirthistleHigh Court
02/28/2019Rossiter -v- DonlonHigh Court
01/24/2019Dunne -v- Trustees and Board of Management of St. Paul's Secondary SchoolHigh Court
12/19/2018Bentley -v- NolanHigh Court
12/18/2018Dignam -v- Eircom Ltd. & anorHigh Court
12/14/2018Curran -v- Byrne & orsHigh Court
10/30/2018Murray -v- Castlebar Town Council & anorHigh Court
10/17/2018Gunning & anor -v- Permagreen Insulation (Ireland) LimitedHigh Court
07/17/2018Zhang -v- FarrellHigh Court
06/07/2018Grimes -v- Motor Insurers Bureau of IrelandHigh Court
04/19/2018Jedruch -v- Tesco Ireland Ltd.High Court
04/19/2018Kean -v- Independent Star Ltd.High Court
03/22/2018J.B.B. -v- S.M.B.High Court
03/20/2018R.P. & anor -v- B.K.High Court
03/13/2018Flannery -v- Health Service ExecutiveHigh Court
03/13/2018Whelan -v- Castle Leslie Equestrian Holidays Ltd.High Court
03/13/2018Wilders -v- Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland (MIBI)High Court
02/23/2018Seligman -v- Kuiatkowski & anorHigh Court
02/08/2018Thawley -v- GavinHigh Court
01/24/2018Browne -v- Van Geene & anorHigh Court
12/20/2017O'Shaughnessy -v- Dublin City Council & orsHigh Court
12/06/2017J.McP. -v- M.McP. & anorHigh Court
11/30/2017Keegan -v- Sligo County CouncilHigh Court
11/27/2017Phillips -v- MulcahyHigh Court
10/20/2017Browne -v- Van Geene & anorHigh Court
07/31/2017J.T. -v- A.M. & anorHigh Court
07/28/2017Antecki -v- Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland & orsHigh Court